Smart Street Light Monitoring and Control

Smart Street Light Monitoring and Control

Smart street light system for remote monitoring and controlling group of street lights. It is group wise cloud-based monitoring system. Cloud based remote monitoring performs analytics and reporting of street light consumption through Neona Data Concentrator Unit provide power failure, fault occurrence information to the cloud server.

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  • Remote Monitoring, Control and Operation of street light
  • Working with Single Phase and Three Phase static energy meter
  • Low power consuming relay for automatic control
  • GSM/GPRS modem for remote communication
  • Energy monitoring of Street light at group level wise like area wise or zone wise.
  • Addition of Street light using latitude / longitude
  • Power quality control of street light
  • Huge energy savings and avoids wastage of energy by glowing street lights in unwanted areas using scheduling
  • Control and monitor the actual amount of energy consumed by street-lights
  • Fault Street Light analysis
  • Customizable Hierarchy Management
  • Powerful customer insights
  • Cloud Based Remote